275/55r20 vs 275/60r20 Size Tire: What Is The Difference?

275 55R20 and 275 60R20 are both popular in the tire industry. Both 275 55R20 and 275 60R20 are suitable for a long list of vehicles. Funny thing is, while people know a lot about tire brands, speed ratings, and whatsoever; they have little knowledge of the size of the tire.

In case you don’t know, both 275 55R20 and 275 60R20 indicate tire sizes as well as relevant information. These are types of indexes combining letters and digits. This type of index has been a common curiosity among many automotive enthusiasts. 

However, we will be focusing more on 275 55R20 vs 275 60R20 in this article. When you go through this differentiation, you will understand all about this index as well. We also recommend reading our comprehensive article on 285 70R17 vs 285 75R17 to know more about tire size.


275/55R20 vs 275/60R20: A Back to Back Comparison

To put it simply, the 275 60R20 is the latest iteration of the 275 55R20 tires. Therefore, don’t expect too much difference between these two tire sizes. In order to show the difference between 275 55R20 and 275 60R20, we have partitioned the difference into 4 parts. We did it because the tire size index consists of these 4 terms. 

For instance, breaking down the tire size index 275 55R20; we will get – 

  • 275 stands for – Tire width in meters
  • 55 stands for – The aspect ratio of height/width
  • R stands for – Construction type
  • 20 stands for – Rim diameter in inches


Judging by the first digits (275) of the two tire size indicators, we have confirmation that there is no difference in the width of these two tire sizes. Both tires are 275 millimeters wide. These figures are measured directly by the tire manufacturers. 

As a result, taking either 275 55R20 or 275 60R20 will suit your vehicle, especially when you are concerned about the width. But we suggest not to buy a tire directly based on this fact alone. There are other things that you may need to take into account for finding the right tire size for your vehicle. 

Aspect Ratio 

The aspect ratio plays an important role in determining the compatibility of tires with vehicles. It indicates the height of the cross-section of the tire in relation to its width. Here we can see, the width is the same for both tires. 

However, this doesn’t mean both 275 55R20 and 275 60R20 will be perfect for your vehicle, you have to consider the aspect ratio as well. The tire size 275 55R20 has an aspect ratio of 55 while the 275 60R20 has 60. So, there is a difference of 5 between the aspect ratios of these two tires.       

You should also know that the aspect ratio is distributed in percent. Therefore, aspect ratio 55 defines the height of the tire as 55% of its width. And this is also the same for 60. 

Radial Construction

Both 275 55R20 and 275 60R20 are the same in terms of construction. Both tires have the ‘R’ letter on their sidewalls. That is why we have mentioned “Radial Construction” instead of only ‘Construction’. 

If you are not aware of the construction term of tires, no need to worry. Along with the handling characteristics of the tire, the construction defines how the tire has been assembled. Here is the letter ‘R’ on the sidewall of both tires, which means both are radial types.

Aside from ‘R’, there can be other letters like ‘B’ on the sidewalls of tires representing other types of characteristics. Here is an outlook of the usual construction types for tires – 

  • R – Indicates the tire is a radial type
  • B – Indicates the tire is a bias ply type  

Rim Diameter

The rim diameter is usually measured in inches. It is the width of the opening in the tire where it would be mounted on a wheel. It is measured from a bead through the opening to the other side of the same bead. The “Effective Rim Diameter” or ERD is an important measurement to calculate the correct spoke length.  

The last digit of both 275 55R20 and 275 60R20 is 20. It means both tires have a rim diameter of 20 inches. So, there is no difference between these two tires in terms of rim diameter. As a result, any one of these tires will fit a rim with a diameter of 20 inches. 

Wrapping Things Up With A Comparison Table – Tire Size 275/55R20 vs 275/60R20  

To wrap things up, we’ve included a comparison chart of 275 55R20 vs 275 60R20 so you can get a quick overview. If you have come this far, you may have realized that there really isn’t much of a difference between 275/55R20 and 275/60R20 tire sizes except for the aspect ratio.

Parameter275 55R20275 60R20Difference
Section width10.8 inch10.8 inch0 inch (0%)
Overall diameter33 inch31.9 inch+1.1 inch (+3.4%)
Circumference103.6 inch100.2 inch+3.4 inch (+3.4%)
Revs per km611.3632-20.7 (-3.3%)
Sidewall height6.5 inch6 inch+0.5 inch (+9.1%)
Aspect Ratio5560+5 (+3.5%)

Considering all this information from the above comparison table between 275 55R20 and 275 60R20, the overall decision is the clearance changes to 0.5 inches and the diameter differs to 3.4%; which is greater than 3%. Therefore, changes of risk are high switching from 275 55R20 to 275 60R20.

The following 2 pictures will demonstrate the comparison of 275 55R20 and 275 60R20 from front and side.

Final Overview

After reading this article, you not only know the difference between 275/55R20 and 275/60R20 but also one step closer to choosing the right tire for your vehicle. We have found the difference between these two tires is minor, which only concerns the aspect ratio.

No matter how minor the difference is, it is still considerable for choosing the right tire size. Because a small difference can have a great impact on the ground clearance level. So, you need to be very careful about these facts to avoid dangers while you are driving.

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