How To Install Ford Navigation SD Card? [Explained]

A GPS is essential for driving a vehicle. With the help of GPS navigation, you can still reach your destination by driving even if you don’t know the road in any area. 

But the problem is that automobile companies update the navigation system or map every year. That’s why you should update the navigation map to keep up with them. 

With the help of an SD card, you can enjoy the benefits of various multimedia files including map updates on the GPS unit of your vehicle. 

If you do not know how to install a navigation SD card then this article is just for you.


When Should You Install Ford Navigation SD Card?

All automobile products have GPS units and navigation maps pre-installed. So why would you reinstall the SD card?

The main reason to install an SD card on your Ford is to update the navigation map. Numerous new roads are being built in your area every year. 

That’s why the automobile company regularly brings navigation maps with new updates. The new navigation map is stored on an SD card. 

If you do not install the new map on your Ford, the new road routes created in the last year will not appear on your dashboard. 

As a result, you will not be able to find those roads using GPS. You should install the navigation SD card when you need to update the navigation map.

Another reason to install an SD card on your Ford can be if the running SD card is damaged. 

You may need to install a new navigation SD card as a replacement in case the SD card on your vehicle is damaged due to a short circuit or overpower.

How Long Does It Take to Install Ford Navigation SD Card?

How long it takes to install a navigation SD card on your Ford will depend on who completes the process. 

If you are wanting to install the SD card by yourself on your vehicle for the first time, it will take at least 10 minutes. On the other hand, if you take the help of a professional mechanic, the time mentioned will be reduced. 

Sometimes the installation process is not done correctly and requires multiple attempts. In that case, you will need a little more time than usual.

What Is the Cost to Install Ford Navigation SD Card?

As a navigation SD card, you will see three types of variants in the market – Full SD card, Mini SD card, Micro SD card. They are priced differently. 

But first, you need to be sure what kind of SD card your vehicle supports. On average, however, SD cards cost a maximum of $15 to $25. 

The remaining servicing charge is that there is no cost if you manually install the SD card on the hand. But if you want to get the job done by a mechanic then you have to pay an extra fee.

How to Install Ford Navigation SD Card?

Navigation will give you the wrong direction when the pre-installed map of your vehicle becomes obsolete. 

Updated navigation on the other hand will provide you with safe driving with the correct guidance of all communication networks including new ones. 

If the road is wrong due to old navigation it will become a nuisance for anyone. When people make a mistake on the road, most of the time the reason is for old navigation.

Anyway, let’s take a look at how to install an SD card on your Ford vehicle step by step.

Step 1

Stop your vehicle completely.

Step 2

Find out where the SD card slot is. Most vehicles have an instrument panel behind a small accessway or centre console. However, the simplest idea is to look at the manufacturing manual.

Step 3

Notice that the slot has an old SD card inserted. Remove it. In this case, just press the SD card inwards then release. 

You will see that the card has come up because it has spring technology. Now carefully remove the SD card from the slot. 

Remember not to insist on removing the card. This can damage your vehicle, including the SD card.

Step 4

Insert the new navigation SD card into the slot. Press gently on the inside until there is a “click” sound. Now release it.

Step 5

Now you need to make sure that the navigation SD card is working properly. To do this, first, turn on the vehicle. The text “Navigation” will appear in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

Step 6

Press “Navigation” to enter the navigation function. Now set the settings according to your needs.

Step 7

If the text “Insert Nav SD Card” appears after entering the navigation function, the new SD card you have inserted is not recognized by your vehicle’s computer. 

In this case, make sure that you have inserted the SD card correctly and the “click” sound has happened.

You can choose the easiest and shortest route using an updated navigation map. This saves you both time and energy. 

On the other hand, it is not that the roads change every year, but the places you need, which are called Place of Interest (POI), are changed or new additions are made. 

An updated navigation map includes markings of required places like pharmacy, gas station, restaurant, ATM, accommodation, etc. Even the new navigation map has all the details of how long it will take to reach your desired destination.


Can I use any type of SD card or USB drive?

No, you need to make sure it is compatible with the Ford navigation sd card. The best thing about this system is that all different types are supported: microSD cards for Android devices; Mini and Full size SD Cards (both standard formats); as well as both Compact Flash (CF) and Secure Digital Extended Capacity (SDXC).

What if my car doesn’t have a slot on the dashboard where I can insert an SD Card?

If your vehicle does not have enough space in the dash to store an SD Card, try using a magnetic mount with adhesive backing so you can place it somewhere else! These mounts work similarly to those used for GPS navigation devices.

What if I want to insert an SD card, but it won’t go in?

If you’re having trouble inserting a Ford navigation system sd card into one of the slots, make sure there is nothing obstructing any part of the device (such as your hand or dashboard). If that’s not the issue and you still can’t get it into slot properly, take out the SD Card from whichever drive and use something like tweezers to press down on each side before sliding them back up when fully inserted. This should help push everything together so it fits snugly inside!

How do I remove my ford navigation sd card?

To deletes files from Ford Navigation System sd cards follow these steps:
Select the SD card you want to remove from your Ford navigation system
Click on “Delete” and then confirm that you are sure by clicking “OK”. The selected sd card will be formatted.

How much space does a ford navigation sd card have?

Each drive has a maximum capacity of 32GB, meaning there is plenty of storage if you’re using it as just an MP player or satellite radio device! In fact, each slot can hold up to 16 GB data in either Drive A (if empty) or Drive B (if not). If both drives are full, choose whichever one makes the most sense based on where the new media/SD Card was inserted.


As we learned earlier in this article, GPS is an essential part of any vehicle. It allows you to drive anywhere in the world, on any end, on any road. 

Since new roads are always being built to accelerate improvement, you should keep your navigation system updated. Ford Manufacturing Company brings an update of the navigation map for their manufactured vehicles every year. 

It is wise to install an updated navigation SD card to stay up to date. In this case, it is best to contact your vehicle manufacturing company. They can help you with appropriate advice.

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