How To Play Youtube On Ford Sync 3? [4 Easy Steps]

What if we told you, you would not need to use your hands to scroll through your favorite songs on Youtube while riding in your car, and you can focus on driving instead? Sync 3 from Ford can be a massive source of entertainment for you if you are someone who likes to sing and drive on your way to work (of course, following the safety instructions and traffic rules while you are at it!).

With Sync 3, you can enjoy hands-free connectivity between the car and your Bluetooth-enabled phone, letting you make phone calls, get the right directions, access important apps, and most importantly— play music by using just your voice!

But do you know how to play Youtube on Ford Sync 3? It’s very simple; you just might need to download an Android Auto app with setting the required features and then enjoy!

In this article, you will learn how you can use voice control to stream music and podcasts from Youtube on your Ford. Let’s get into it!


How To Play Youtube On Ford Sync 3?

If you follow the 4 step guide below, you can easily play live or downloaded music on Youtube using your Ford Sync 3.

Step 1: The Basics of Phone Connectivity and Voice-Activated App Control

To those who own a smartphone, phone connectivity is nothing new. You will be taking the same approach here; only the difference is that instead of connecting to another phone, you will be connecting to the car’s core system to access the phone apps you have. You will now need to connect your smartphone using the USB port that you see on the central console.

If not that, you can use Bluetooth and activate voice control with the Sync 3 function on the central touchscreen for a wireless connection and voice-activated control of your mobile screen onto the central screen.

Step 2: Android Auto Setup Guide

To play Youtube on the SYNC 3 multimedia, you will have to download the Android Auto app. This is the perfect way to sync the Ford and your Android smartphone.

But what will this app do for you? With the help of this app, you will get to control apps like Youtube right from your phone using the central touchscreen, whether you take the USB port or Bluetooth route.

  1. Go to Google Play on your Android smartphone and then download Android Auto.
  2. On the Sync core systems, turn on the option for Android Auto compatibility. For this, go to Settings-Android Auto Preferences-Enable Android Auto on the Sync.
  3. Now, connect the phone to the USB port. Make sure you only use a cable that has been approved by Ford. To locate the inlet, check the owner’s manual.
  4. You will see the multimedia screen on your Sync 3 now. On the next prompt, you will need to press Continue-Agree. If you get a similar prompt asking you to secure the connections between the two systems (Sync 3 and your device), agree to it as well.
  5. There you go! You have now established a connection between your smartphone and Sync 3. When you connect your phone through the port, the multimedia display of Sync 3 will change to that of the Android Auto.

Step 3: Using YouTube

Once your systems are connected, you can access the Youtube app (among many others) for playing music or listening to podcasts. You will find the buttons to press to play YT right from your phone on the Sync 3 infotainment system easily and, at the same time, keep track of how much of the video is left playing.

Step 4: (Optional) Watching Downloaded Movies/Listening to Downloaded Music on Youtube

If you don’t want to browse for music and watch downloaded movies or play downloaded playlists on the car, you will need to go through Sync’s menu till you see “Media.” Here, you will find stored and pre-downloaded music from Youtube.

All you will need to do is press and select any of the videos there using your finger, aka the touchscreen option, wait for the music to load, and then enjoy it!


What is called the Ford Sync 3?

The Sync 3 is a 3rd-generation infotainment mechanism by Ford that allows you to access everything from climate control to streaming live music through phone connectivity or car navigation features. It can operate with voice control or even touchscreen control with its system functions.

What is Ford’s Sync AppLink?

Using the Sync Applink, you can use the features of your smartphone in the car whenever and wherever you need it.

What are the differences between Sync AppLink and Google Play Music?

Applink allows you to connect your car with your phone’s features, while Google Play Music is a feature/app of your phone that lets you stream music. You can navigate through the Applink. But not through Play Music!

Final Words

And that brings you to the end of the article on how to play youtube on Ford Sync 3! But as you would expect from this revolutionary infotainment system for your car, it can do a lot more than just play songs off Youtube.

You not only have options to pick from podcasts and watch classic movies on YT but also play downloaded videos here from your Youtube Library.

And with Android Auto in the Sync, in case you need to pause the music video in the middle of jamming to get the directions of the roads, you can do that as well! So for a nearly all-in-one solution that focuses on music first, the Sync 3 is always ready!

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