How to Reset Service Brake System Light On Chevy Silverado?

Are you thinking of resetting the service brake system light Silverado and don’t know How to Reset Service Brake System Light Silverado? This is a very easy and fast process to do so, and you can do it yourself.

You need to have some knowledge about the service braking system light so that you can easily follow the process of resetting it.

In this content, you will get to know about the service brake system light and the actual time to reset it. Again, you will get a step-by-step guide to reset the service brake system light. So, let’s start.


What is a Service Brake System Light On Chevy Silverado?

‘Service Brake System’ light refers to the light that is normally orange or red and will be located on your dash somewhere. It looks like this:

Normally, the light will come on after you turn your ignition key to ‘ON’ once. When you turn it over to ‘START’ one more time, you will see the light turn off.

There are a few reasons why your Service Brake System Light may come on, and a bit of auto knowledge is required to determine what it means. The most common reason for the ‘Service Brake System‘ light to come on is because one or more of your brake pads need service. There are two main types of brake pads: “Shoe Pads” and “Disc Pad“. Disc pads are the most common. The third type of brake pad is for your Emergency Brake, but it is not even close to being as common as Shoe Pads or Disc Pads.

If you have a ‘Service Brake System‘ light on, you needs to take your car into a shop or mechanic to get it checked out. It is recommended that you do this as soon as possible since the brake pads are a safety system and they should be replaced promptly.

When Should You Reset Service Brake System Light?

Vehicles equipped with Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) or Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD), disc brakes, and drum brakes are all serviced by the same system. This system monitors its components for proper braking performance. If brake service is required, it will be necessary to reset the Service Vehicle Soon (SVS) light.

The SVS light comes on when a fault is detected in the vehicle’s braking system. In some vehicles, it may be possible to reset the service brake system light by disconnecting and reconnecting the battery or using another scan tool to reset SVS lights. If the SVS light illuminates, have the system checked as soon as possible. If the brake fluid level is low, it will need to be filled to the proper level before resetting or disconnecting and reconnecting the battery.

Vehicles that are equipped with ABS may have a dedicated scan tool for monitoring these systems, which can also activate the reset function. The scan tool may display fault codes that can aid in diagnosing the problem causing the SVS light to illuminate.

How to Reset Service Brake System Light On Chevy Silverado?

The instructions on how to reset the service brake system light for Silverado Sierra are as follows. Please follow them carefully to reset your Silverado light after working on the brakes.

Step 1: Ignition Key Turning Off to ON

Before you start, turn the ignition key from OFF to ON 8 times within 10 seconds without cranking the engine at all. This will activate your ECM/PCM from sleep mode.

Step 2: Press and Hold the Brake Pedal

Leave the key ON, then press and hold the brake pedal for about 5 seconds before releasing it. Note down the factory Mode S code from the instrument panel odometer. If you do not have a manual to read the model number, look at your owner’s ID card or label inside your car’s door jambs. The 10-digit code is on the top left side of the card.

Step 3: Code Writing

 Write down this code, followed by a space and ending with an asterisk.

Step 4: Turn Off Ignition Key

Turn the ignition key to the OFF position. Your ECM/PCM has now been cleared of stored trouble codes. Before returning to your job, drive your vehicle for at least 20 minutes to rest your ECM/PCM. This allows the after-run coolant pump, which aids fuel cooling and oil cooling, time to run and cool down your heated engine components.

Step 5: Turn on Ignition Key

Turn the ignition key ON again. If the red BRAKE light is still on, you’re all set. If it’s not, repeat these steps until it is.

Final Note

Hopefully, you have understood how you can reset the service brake system light Silverado by yourself. You need to be careful while following the process, and if you think that you can’t do it, I recommend you go to the nearest car repairing shop to reset the service brakes system light.

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