How To Restring A Flagpole Without A Lift Truck? [5 Easy Steps]

You need a lift truck, or some sort of external helps to set the rope on a flagpole. But, how can you change the rope of a flagpole? Do you need a lift truck to re-rope the flagpole?

Well, it is a piece of cake to change the rope of a flagpole. It isn’t as difficult as it seems. Maybe, you don’t need to hire a lift truck if you know the proper process. So, stop calling for a lift truck and read the entire article. Here we will discuss How to Restring a Flagpole without a Lift Truck.


How Hard It Is to Restring a Flagpole Without a Lift Truck?

Changing the rope of a flagpole is a tricky task. It is an easier task than setting a rope for the first time on a flagpole. 

The main point is that you do not need to pull down the entire rope (old rope) out of the pulley. If you, somehow or anyhow, pull down the old rope out of the pulley, you are out of luck. Then, you need a lift truck to set a new rope on the flagpole.

So, you can set a new rope on the flagpole without a lift truck with the help of the old rope. It is so easy that anyone can do it from the ground, no matter how long the flagpole is.

Supplies for Restringing a Flagpole

So, you can tie a new halyard (flag hoisting rope) replacing an older one on your flagpole on your own. You do not need any professional help. All you need are some supplies which are easily accessible.

The supplies are as follows.

  • New Rope
  • Rope-cutting Scissors or Knife
  • Duct Tape or Electric Tape
  • Metal Paperclip

There are various types of halyard for hoisting flags. Some are good for indoor use, and some are good for outdoor use. We recommend you to use a good quality halyard so that water cannot damage it. It is better to change the halyard once every couple of years. Nonetheless, a good halyard will wave your flag without any trouble for up to 4 years.

A flag rope must go through the pulley at the top of the flagpole. So, the diameter of the rope must match the size of the pulley. Otherwise, the halyard won’t run through the pulley.

Scissors are for cutting the old rope. So, you need a sharp one to do the cutting work effortlessly.  Metal Paper-clip and Electric Tape are for patching up the new and old rope together.

How To Restring a Flagpole Without a Lift Truck? (Step By Step)

For changing the old halyard, you need to cut it with scissors. Then, you tie the new one with the old one with the help of a Metal Paper-clip and Electric Tape. The purpose is to run the new rope through the pulley tied with the old rope. In this way, you can set the new helyard with the flagpole. 

You can perform this process effortlessly by following the below steps.

Step 1 – Cutting the Old-Rope

So, the first step is to cut the old rope, so that we can tie the new one with the cut-end. First, untie the old-rope from the cleat. Lower the flag and unclip it from the halyard.

Now, cut the rope from both above and under the knot. This is to make the rope knot-free.

Step 2 – Tie the New-Rope

Now, you have a knot-free old rope in your hand. The second step is to tie the new rope with the old one. Now, this is a tricky process. You have to tie the ropes together in such a way that the rope-diameter must not change. If the diameter changes, it will not go through the pulley at the top of the flagpole.

Using the Metal Paperclip, stick the ropes together keeping the diameter as original as possible. Then, tie them tightly with electrical tape. Wrap it with the Electric Tape about 5 inches on both sides (new and old rope) of the tie. Now pull on both sides with two hands and check if it is strong enough or not. Now, your new rope is joined with the old one.

Step 3 – Pull Through the Pulley

It is time to pull down the other side of the old rope (the side which is not joined). As the old rope comes down slowly through the pulley, the other end (which is joined with the new rope) brings the new rope with it through the pulley.

Pull it until the new rope comes to your hand by going through the pulley at the top of the flagpole. Now, the new rope is set on the flagpole. Untie the bond and remove the old rope. And here it is; the new rope is ready to hoist a flag.

Step 4 – Knot the New Rope

The next step is to knot the new rope which is already on the flagpole. You can knot the two ends of the new rope in any way you like.

But the most popular halyard knot is the fisherman’s knot. It is a strong knot and at the same time looks clean. If you search on the Internet, you will learn the processes easily. As you have knotted the new string on the flagpole, the halyard is now ready to wave a flag.

Step 5 – Clip the Flag

The final step is to clip the flag back with the string. We tie the flag-clips with the rope and attach the flag with the clips. 

It is a simple process. You do not need to knot the flag-clips with the rope. Just make a small loop with the rope and run the loop into the clip’s tail. Now move the loop over the clip; and your flag-clip is now attached with the rope. 

Repeat the same process for the other flag-clip. Finally, attach the flag with the clips. And here we go; pull the string and hoist the flag into the sky.


As you know now, changing the rope of a flagpole is an easy task. All you need to know is a simple trick. It is not necessary to hire a lift truck or call for professional help.

Use the old rope of the flagpole to set the newer one. Collect the easily accessible supplies, and re-rope the flagpole on your own, standing firm on the ground.

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