How To Test Ford Coil Pack With Multimeter? [5 Easy Steps]

The coil pack is a part of all engines that can be damaged for many reasons. This can be for the wrong installation, overheating, and many more. On the other hand, this part plays a very important role to continue your engine running by supplying power to the ignition coil.

But what if you are a Ford vehicle owner and the coil pack of it is not working properly? Is there any way to test the coil pack at home? The answers of all these questions will be easy and simple if you follow this article from top to bottom. We are going to show you how to test the Ford coil pack with a multimeter.


Can you Test Ford Coil Pack With a Multimeter?

There are a number of ways to check the Ford coil pack with a multimeter. But among them, one is very much easy and simple. This is generally used to check Ford ignition coil packs at home. 

So, we can say, yes you can test your Ford coil pack with a multimeter only. With that, you just need to read the article completely from first to last. Because I am going to share my own opinion here with the testing process. Let’s see how to test the Ford coil pack with a multimeter. 

How to Test Ford Coil Pack With Multimeter?

I have only 5 steps for you that will give you a complete guide on how to test this. Let’s see all these steps one by one.

Step 1: Remove the Electric Connection from the Coil Pack

We all know that the coil pack has connections on both sides. One from the battery to coil pack another one from the spark plug to coil pack. You have to remove all the connections. This will make the coil pack free. You also have to remove the coil pack itself from the engine.

Step 2: Clean the Coil Pack

Sometimes the coil pack may be rusty and full of dust. The ports of the ignition coil pack must clean well because dust will make it hard to get proper results from the test. You may use any rags to clean this.

Step 3: Take a Multimeter

Now you have to take the multimeter to measure the resistance of the coil pack. Actually testing a coil pack is just testing its resistance. In the preparing section of the multimeter, you have to set the measuring unit into 200 ohms. Now the meter is ready.

Step 4: Test the Primary Coil Pack

There are two kinds of coil packs on a Ford coil pack. One is primary and some others are secondary. First of all, you have to test the primary coil pack. This is inside the coil pack box. You will find the three ports on the primary connector. 

Put one port of the multimeter on the middle port of the primary coil pack and another port on both the ports one by one. The meter reading should be around 0.10 ohms. This is the sign of a good primary coil pack.

Step 5: Test the Secondary Coil Packs

Now you have to set the meter again. Now put the measuring unit into 20K ohms. And put one port of the meter on one coil pack port and another port of meter on the coil pack of another side. This time you will get a meter reading of around 30K ohms if the coil pack is ok. 

A good coil pack will have 6,000 ohms to 30,000 ohms resistance. In this way, you have to test all the secondary coil packs with the opposite sides of them. You may have 4/6/8 secondary coil packs on your vehicle. Test all of them.

This is the best process of measuring the Ignition coil pack of your Ford vehicle. Some other ways may be risky for you if you do that at home. So, this will be best for you but you need to take something seriously for your and your vehicle’s safety. 

Warning While Testing Ford Coil Pack With Multimeter

You have to remove the battery connection first. Because the coil pack increases the power of the 12 volt DC power into a powerful AC voltage. If you go make the engine on and touch the plug or coil pack itself, you may get shocked by that. 

Try to use hand gloves while doing the whole process. This will protect your hand from any harmful chemicals and skin allergies. Follow these things to be safe.


That was all about testing a Coil pack of Ford brand vehicles. I hope this process helps you a lot. The removal process of the coil pack from the battery and vehicle should be done carefully. This is a sensitive part of this process. Thanks for reading till the end.

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